Micro Rear Big Brake Kit 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)

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Many S30 Z owners have been looking to convert their rear brakes from drum to discs while still maintaining their classic wheels. We are proud to introduce our new 240/260/280z Micro Rear BBK using Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers with optional parking brake function and 265mm Rotors to fit under nearly any 14 inch wheel including the RS Watanabe R Type! We can provide a fitment template to check wheel clearance before purchase. 

Kit features:

Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers with optional parking brake function 

265mm Blank, Slotted, or Dimpled/Slotted rotors

Super thick pads for long endurance races

3 D machined caliper mounting brackets and rotor hats 

Stainless steel teflon coated brake lines

All mounting hardware included

This kit WILL fit under nearly all 14" wheels and we can provide a fitment template on request.

Your choice of brake pads from street to sport to full race

Your choice of rotors, from dimpled/slotted, as pictured, to slotted, or blank.

Note: It has been brought to our attention that the newest version of RS Watanabe R Type's may contact our rear Brake Caliper at the Hub and require a 3-5mm spacer for clearance

Fitment template WITH E-BRAKE

Fitment template NON E-BRAKE