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“Kizuna”, the Japanese word for “bond” or “connections between people” was Japan’s Kanji of 2011. In 2019 we celebrate the bonds we have made in the car community by partnering with another community-focused business.


We are pleased to announce the bond between iconic aero company Bomex and the community-focused Datsun Garage. Partnering together, BOMEX and Datsun Garage will bring a new level of quality, fitment, and innovation to the Datsun market. Focused on a goal to save as many Datsuns as possible for future generations to enjoy, we believe we can elevate aero parts that range from the purist and traditional to the innovative and wild.



One thing that we noticed in the Datsun community was the prevalence of fiberglass aero parts that are thick, heavy, and extremely rigid. A common misconception is that "thicker is better".  This couldn't be further from the truth.  We cut the fat and add reinforcement (extra material) exactly where it's needed. 


Thin and lightweight fiberglass pieces with a lot of flex are harder to manufacture, more durable when bumped, and are easier to fit during installation. This has been known to the Japanese for decades and is apparent in BOMEX USA and BOMEX Japan's past products, ranging from replacement OEM parts to the wild body kits of the 90's and 00's. 


BOMEX and Datsun Garage bring this concept back to the scene with their new line of restoration and custom aero parts.


quality starts with the mold

All BOMEX / Datsun Garage fiberglass parts are constructed in the USA from high-quality molds which reduce the number of seams and patches. Our molds are also meticulously cleaned and cared for to ensure that they always produce the highest quality parts.


top of the line resin

We only use the best resin, normally reserved for surfboard construction. This ensures strength, durability, UV protection, and long-lifespan. Some fiberglass and carbon fiber out in the market uses resin that is half the cost but only lasts a couple years before starting to crack. This is why you often see thick, heavy pieces which try to compensate for lower quality resin. 


See the difference for yourself!

Our bumpers actually save you time and money.  Higher quality fiberglass parts mean less prep time before paint and lower cost in the long-run!

BOMEX / Datsun Garage fiberglass (in white) vs others (in black)

the mark of authenticity

Often imitated, never duplicated

Over the years, many copies and clones of BOMEX designs have been produced worldwide.  These parts are unauthorized and lack the quality of true BOMEX fiberglass parts.


Look for the following BOMEX / Datsun Garage tags directly embedded into the back side of all fiberglass and carbon fiber parts to ensure authenticity and the highest level of quality and strength.

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