Our Mission

To help our customers save as many Datsun cars and trucks as possible and keep them on the road for future generations to enjoy


Our Core Values


Foster togetherness by celebrating diversity, sharing information, and supporting one another within the Datsun community


Strive to create win-win situations in everything we do


Be honest and always do the right thing


Deliver on our promises and keep our word

About Us



Datsun Garage was created by two friends who reunited in 2015 over a 1972 Datsun 240Z. One is a software engineer by trade and was new to the Datsun scene. The other is an expert on Z’s and works in the auto industry. This match helped make the building of Datsun Garage both easy and a lot of fun.

We thank you for visiting and hope you have fun and are inspired. Enjoy!


the original problem

“What rims and tire sizes will look good on my car?”

The idea for Datsun Garage was born one night as a newcomer to the Datsun scene was up late researching different rims and tire sizes for the 1972 240Z an old friend had just helped him acquire.  At the time, there was no searchable visual directory for S30 builds.  What wheels looked good and what sizes work best?  Also, what type of header and exhaust systems are available for the L series engine and what are the different front air dam options?  He reached out to his old friend who was an expert on Z’s and worked in the industry.

As they pondered this problem together, they realized Google image search provided some good reference photos but also included unrelated images and lacked detailed information like size and other specs. It was difficult to find photos on forum sites without having to open numerous threads and scroll past a lot of banter. Online stores only carried certain brands and didn’t always show a photo of the parts installed on the car. We were looking for something that was more comprehensive.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a searchable directory of 240Z’s to compare different rim options?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reach out to the car’s owner to ask about the tire size and suspension setup?

The Datsun-Garage.com online community was born:

Datsun Garage version 1.0

Fast forward two years: hundreds of social media posts, weekly cars and coffee events, swap meets, cruises, and numerous car shows… We were having a blast but while our social media following had grown, our website community barely had 40 daily active users.

We realized that the Datsun community didn’t need another website to look up information. We have each other as a resource and part of what makes the community so great are the connections we make when we stop to ask our fellow Datsun owners about their builds.

It was time for a change… if we couldn’t build a community on our website, we wanted to help the Datsun community that we met on social media and at local car events.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Datsun Garage set forth with a new mission: to help the community save as many Datsun cars and trucks as possible and help keep them on the road for future generations to enjoy.

Now, let’s get to work and ENJOY THE BUILD!