An important update from the DG team: So, what happened? What are we doing to fix the situation? And how will it help? ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏

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An update from the DG team

May 8, 2024

Things have been absolutely insane for us here at Datsun Garage the past couple of months. We have gone through personnel changes and upgrades. We lost a couple of key contributors and have since added a new Sales Specialist, Andy and Customer Service Representative, Cesar to the team.

Sales: 562-204-6907 (Andy)
Customer Service: 562-204-6976 (Cesar)

So, what happened?

As a company and as members of the Datsun community, we would first like to apologize for not living up to our core values and especially for the lack of responses and delays to orders. Although these problems first arose back in Fall of 2023 when we lost our only in-store employee, we had cleared most of our customer service backlog but got knocked back down again recently.

Just over a month ago, our primary partner Jeff who is in charge of all day to day responsibilities at the shop was involved in a car accident. Although he is okay, he is currently receiving daily treatment and handling personal matters during business days/hours to take care of his health. During this time we have received quite a bit of concern and negative feedback from you about our lack of responsiveness, customer service, and order/shipment ETAs.

Rest assured that we are working diligently to remedy your concerns about communication and have identified ways to address the root cause of many of our shipment delays.

What are we doing to fix the situation?

We have added two new team members to assist customers in our retail storefront, answer the shop phone, and reply to customer support inquiries.

We also identified the manufacturers and specific parts in our online store that cause the majority of our delayed orders and have taken them out of stock on the website. You will notice some parts in the store that have a "Pre-Order", "Notify Me" or "Sold-Out" button instead of "Add to cart" or "Quick Shop".

Pre-Order means that we are currently waiting on the manufacturer or supplier to ship the parts or items to our shop. Sometimes the ETA is given to us and sometimes it is not.

Notify Me means that the item is backordered and delayed from the manufacturer or we are waiting to meet a minimum order quantity to place a stocking order. As soon as we receive the items, our system will email you stating that the item is now available for purchase.

Sold Out means that the product is No Longer Available (NLA) for purchase.

Add to Cart / Quick Shop means that the part or item is either in-stock at our shop warehouse, available at our local suppliers, or available via drop-ship (some items from Japan, wheels, etc). For each of these situations your order should ship or we should have the ETA for you within two business days. If you cannot wait for the ETA, please request a refund and we would be happy to process it for you.

How will this help?

By making this subtle change in product status, we anticipate it having a big impact upfront by increasing transparency and setting expectations more accurately. It also ensures that we can ship orders more quickly by eliminating or reducing the parts and items that often cause delays.

Lastly, we would like to offer a discount to thank you for your patience and to ask for a chance to re-build trust with you, our valued customers and fellow Datsun fans.  Please use “DG15” as your coupon code for all eligible items in our store.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

The Datsun Garage team

(Coupon is valid for one use per customer, good through 5/31/2024)

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