Tutorial:  How To Wrinkle Coat Your Valve Cover

Tutorial: How To Wrinkle Coat Your Valve Cover


In Ten Steps:

1. Remove valve cover

2. Clean thoroughly with oven cleaner (be sure to rinse and remove ALL traces of oven cleaner)

3. Sand all surfaces so paint will stick

4. Mask off oil cap bung and breather pipe

5. Wipe entire valve cover with degreaser or mineral spirits

6. Apply three thick coats of VHT wrinkle paint in different directions (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) - 5 minute dry time between coats

7. Let entire valve cover dry for 30min to 1hr

8. Use heat gun evenly to accelerate the wrinkling process

Try to be uniform in your speed and distance from the valve cover while using the heat gun 

Beware of bugs! 

9. Let dry overnight before sanding off lettering

10. Install valve cover (a new gasket is HIGHLY recommended)

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