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as seen on DriveTribe Chances are that you’ve seen many photos of Glenn’s cars floating around the web. His blue Nissan Fairlady Z and black Porsche 930 Turbo have become somewhat of a dynamic duo. I’ve photographed them on numerous occasions, and I feel fortunate to be able to document his progress and journey with these cars that mean so much to him. I’ve referenced Glenn’s affliction for vintage racing before, but now it’s time to dive into this vital part of his story.
  • We arrived at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca early in the morning to secure our spot and unload the car.

Glenn, the historic racing authority in my life, has made an incredible story for himself in this field. Piloting his meticulously restored Datsun 240z, he lives by the “racing is life” motto.

Vintage racing is a sport in which there is far more than meets the eye. It is not nearly as simple as picking up an old car, throwing a bunch of go fast parts on it, and hitting the track. You must understand the car on a more thorough level. There are details, historic events, racer biographies, and general knowledge that the vintage racer must acknowledge.

  • Glenn and his good friend / crew member Lloyd unloading the Z. Lloyd accompanies Glenn as part of his pit crew for many of his racing events.

How did Glenn come into vintage racing, and why a 240z? It was a natural progression for him. In large part, he found himself at Laguna Seca Raceway for the annual Monterey Historics.

The thrill of racing classic cars pulled him in faster than he could realize it. Bitten by the racing bug, he knew he needed to find a way in. He began with the SCCA Drivers School to educate himself and gain experience. Spec Miata taught him not only how to drive properly on track, but also the etiquette that goes along with being a racer.

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