Super Racing Damper Pulley Full Kit for 17mm Shaft 1968-73 (510) 1972-83 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z / 280ZX)


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This is an upgraded pulley kit made for to handle a high revving high power race engines. It passed the 12000 RPM test and has been approved by the SFI International Safety Standard.

Type: Super Racing
Diameter (mm):
-Pulley: 102
-Damper: 159
Shaft Size (mm): 17
Kit Includes:
- 1x Racing Damper Pulley
- 1x Chromoly Water Pump Pulley
- 1x Aluminum Big Dynamo Pulley
- 1x 11mm Strengthen Fan Belt
- 1x Timing indicator

- SFI Certified

Super Racing Damper Pulley:
- Single belt pulley designed to absorb crankshaft vibration.
- Race Type Pulley with memory timing.
- Only compatible with 11mm reinforced belt.
- Note: NISMO pulley can be used as a replacement.

Chromoly Water Pump Pulley:
- Specifically designed to manage the water temperature of the vehicle with maximum efficiency.
- Only compatible with 11mm reinforced belt.

Aluminum Big Dynamo Pulley:
- During high revs this pulley is made to reduce the burden while ensuring adequate momentum for the alternator during low revs.
- Only compatible with 11mm reinforced belt.

11mm Strengthen Fan Belt:
- Made to decrease stretching and cracking while still remaining durable.

Timing indicator:
- tool for accurate reading of pulley memory.

-Standard Alternator 17mm Shaft