RS Watanabe 4S (Deposit)


$100.00 USD

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All wheels are made to order at the RS Watanabe factory in Japan. Because of this, lead time can take up to 3-5 months from the day you pre-order until delivery depending on production schedule.

Ordering Process:

  1. Pre-order Aluminum Forging R for $100 deposit per wheel
  2. We will email you with a questionnaire to confirm your specifications
  3. Once specifications are confirmed we will send you a price quote including shipping
  4. Once full payment is received we will place the order with RS Watanabe Japan
  5. Wheels will be shipped to you directly from RS Watanabe factory in Japan
size type price PCD OFFSET number of holes Weight (kg)
100 110 114.3 120 Four Five
10-45 4S ¥37,000 +38  
14-65 4S ¥43,000 +14.5   5.9
Standard color is black
* Gold metallic / silver metallic, glossy black / matte black, mug color, red, white, blue, yellow are 3,000 yen UP
*The actual cost for hub processing is increased by 2,500 yen.

*The price of special pitches is increased to ¥2,500 ● is standard pitch ○ is special pitch

*○ Special holes are available at a fixed price of ¥2,500. ● is for standard pitch.


*Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.