Front Tow Hook 2023+ (Nissan Z)


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Mishimoto 2023+ Nissan Z Tow Hook (Front) Black

The 2023+ Nissan Z was built to tackle the road and the track. But, even under the most experienced right foot, 400 HP can sometimes get a little squirrelly. Whether you're planning on playing chicken with a gravel trap at the end of turn one, or bombing some back roads in your Z, the Mishimoto Racing Tow Hook is a perfect addition to your ride!----Stylish and functional, our tow hook is available in six unique colors to match any build and are crafted from high-strength 7075 aluminum and 304 stainless-steel. But don’t be mistaken, we designed this tow hook to be a bona fide race-ready and fully functional piece of race equipment.----With a 2-inch inside diameter fold-down ring design and a straight-pull strength rating of 8,000-pounds, it meets or exceeds requirements for racing series’ such as SCCA, NASA, and CCA. We even include tow hook indication arrow stickers! As with all our products, the Mishimoto Racing Tow Hook is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.