Front Semi Metallic Brake Pad Set 1968-73 (510)

Dynamic Friction

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DFC 5000 Advanced Brake Pads are made with application-specific materials designed to meet the demands of sophisticated systems in modern vehicles. These pads provide correct friction performance resulting in the safest possible braking.


Features & Benefits:
  • Selected friction materials designed to meet the demands of modern vehicles with ABS and Automated Braking Systems
  • Designed to deliver a consistent pedal feel and superb brake response
  • Long pad wear
  • Positive mold to ensure consistent material density
  • Post-cured to eliminate friction material impurities
  • Scorched to minimize initial break-in time
  • Chamfered to reduce noise when braking
  • Slotted to dissipate heat and prevent brake fade
  • Rubber-Steel-Rubber shim reduces noise, vibration and harshness