Aluminum Rear Deck Panel 1979-83 (280ZX) Coupe Only


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Color: Raw Aluminum
Raw Aluminum
These aluminum interior panels are made to replace some of the most deteriorated OEM pieces in the hatch area of your 280ZX. They provide a durable, lightweight attractive solution that many ZX owners are looking for.

These pieces do not replicate the OEM shape of some panels, even though they are made to replace them.

With that said, due to the changes required to create these new panels they work together but not necessarily as individual pieces. For example, the taillight cover will not work with the OEM rear driver side panel. It will only fit with our aluminum rear driver side panel and vise versa. That is why they are not available separately.

We offer the 280ZX Hatch Interior Panels in these configurations:
1. Kit #1 includes the Driver Side Rear and Tail Light panel
2. Kit #2 includes the items in Kit #1, plus the large rear floor panel
3. Kit #3 includes the items in Kit #1 and Kit #2, plus it adds the cubby cover
    (The pieces build onto each other. So if you just want the floor panel, it won’t fit without the panels above it.)

NOTE: Please watch our installation video for more product information.

Fits 280ZX 2-seater. Does NOT fit the 280ZX 2+2.
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