300MM Front Big Brake Kit 1970-73 (240Z)

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This Front Big Brake Kit is a direct bolt on for the Z cars and features 300MM x 1.25" 2 piece rotor and massive Wilwood Forged Superlight calipers.

Choose slotted, crossdrilled, or blank rotors.

Comes with stainless lines, pads and all mounting hardware.

You can choose pad choice from street/sport to full race. Kit comes standard with Wilwood BP-10 compound pads.

These rotors have been tested under the most grueling road race and rally conditions and have the heat dissipation capabilities required for all your needs.

We can provide these to fit factory hubs, our billet 4 lug hubs or our billet 5 lug front hub conversion.

  • Blank, Slotted or Crossdrilled rotors available by request.
  • Requires 15" wheels or larger
  • Your choice of pad compound
  • Comes with stainless lines

New billet caliper bracket design!

Requires 15" or larger wheels. Some of the new "vintage" style wheels like the RS Watanabe R-Type or the TE37V have a focus on having a big lip, at the expense of interior clearance and may not work, or may require a spacer to fit over these brakes. If using the old school Classic RS Watanabe's, fitment is not generally an issue.