Super Racing Damper Pulley Harmonic Balancer 1968-73 (510)


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This is a replacement for the factory crankshaft pulley. Improved design reengineered to provide the ultimate combination of size, weight, durability and damper effect. This upgraded pulley will absorb torsional crankshaft vibration at all rpm levels improving durability of crankshaft and bearing metals while also designed with refined weight and sizes for quick engine response. Available in a variety of different specs to be match driving application.

Version: Super Racing
Diameter (mm):
-Pulley: 102
-Damper: 159
Max Rev (RPM): 12,000

- Designed for Racing.
- NISMO pulley can be used as a replacement.
- SFI Certified.

- Only compatible with 11mm reinforced belt
- Alternator and Water Pump Pulley must accommodate 11mm belt.