Strengthened Transmission Member Brace 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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The KAMEARI Strengthened Transmission Member Brace S30 71C is a replacement stronger Transmission Member Brace for your Fairlady Z from Kameari. In the S30, a popular upgrade is the type M - R32 mission, the 71C double synchronized transmission. While this transmission will provide a huge performance upgrade, the stock member brace is not sufficient. This Kameari strengthened member brace will allow for a smooth and easy installation, harnessing the full potential of the transmission upgrade.
The included urethane cross-member bushing will minimize vibration, and provide smooth gear changes. A higher effect is achieved if used together with the reinforced mission mount.

- Urethane cross-member bushing included.

This items ships from Japan and may take about 3-5 for delivery.