Street Piston Kit High Comp (FJ20E / FJ20ET)


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The KAMEARI Street Piston Kit FJ20 2100cc has been custom designed for use on FJ20 2100cc engine. The KAMEARI Piston Kits are a great way to increase the reliability of your engine. This is because KAMEARI has made these pistons much stronger than OEM standards and will be able to resist damage from abnormal combustion.
The Piston kit is available in two different Compression Ratio, please specify upon purchase with which Compression Ratio you would like to have the Piston Kit.

Manufacturing Method: Cast
Type: High & Low Compression
Bore: 91
Piston Head Volume: -8cc
Compression Ratio (With 1.5mm Head Gasket):11.3:1
Pin Diameter x Length: 22 x 60mm
Pin Height: 32mm
Piston Ring Thickness: 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.8mm
Rod Type: FJ20, Kameari 139.5mm
Crankshaft: FJ20

Kit Includes:
- Pistons
- Piston Rings
- Piston Pins
- Snap Rings

- Only Compatible with FJ20 2100cc engines.