Stock Type Replacement Spark Plug Wire Set 1968-73 (510) 1970-72 (521) 1972-79 (620) 1980 (720)


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Identical in fit, color, form, and performance to the original, factory-installed wire set, DENSO ignition wire sets fit right, look right, and work perfectly. Many replacement ignition wire sets are a disappointment: they require too much work to install and don't produce a quality job. DENSO First Time Fit® wire sets will put the enjoyment back into your weekend tune-up projects.

  • All-Silicone Wires: These ignition wires are SAE J2031 Class E rated, the highest quality wire used in the industry. These wires can withstand temperatures from -40° to 428° F and pass tests covering everything from electrical properties to shrinkage to chemical resistance and accelerated life testing.
  • Pre-cut to Exact Lengths: Each wire in the set is pre-cut to exact length so the wire sets are ready to install right out of the box.
  • Identical OE End Caps: Designed to "click" into place for easy installation and a secure fit. This allows the installer to "feel and hear" that a solid connection has been made, even when the connection is in a difficult-to-see location.
  • Strong Connections: Through a patented process, the terminals are attached to provide an extremely strong connection ensuring the cable and boot will not separate during removal and installation.