Stock Replacement Radiator 1970-83 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z / 280ZX)


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This excellent quality 3-Row radiator gives better performance than the original and includes the drain plug and a 1 Year warranty. For Manual or Automatic Transmission. Radiator cap, hoses, etc. sold separately. Note: Most radiator manufacturers no longer make separate versions of their radiators for manual transmission vehicles. The small automatic transmission cooling tube that runs through the bottom of the radiator is not open to the radiator coolant (will not leak), and has no discernible effect on cooling capacity. The fittings at either side of this small tube (seen in the image along the bottom of the radiator) do not require plugs when not used. Design Note: The original fan guard (a small plate attached to the top of the engine side of the radiator, extending partially over the fan, sometimes referred to as a shroud) is no longer available.