Rock Guards 1975-78 (280Z)


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This is a pair of aluminum rock guards that will help protect the back of your headlights from debris flying off of your tires. Most of the OEM plastic ones are in such poor condition that they can't be used. These come with mounting hardware to use in stock mounting holes as well as bulb seal that provides a nice seal and cushion between the rock guard and fender. These are formed to be as high in the fender well as possible so you don't have interference when your car is lowered or if you have the fenders cut for flares. These will be available in raw aluminum. We are not providing a powder coated option because it won't hold up well to the abuse of flying debris. We recommend that you apply some kind of rubberized undercoating to the guards however. We use 3M 08881 on our cars for undercoating touch up and you can purchase a can on Amazon for around $10. **Many of our products are in-stock. However, because all of our products are custom fabricated, they may not be immediately available. Products that are not currently stocked may take 3-4 weeks from when your order is placed to when they're available for shipping. If you want to know the availability of this item, please email