Radio Delete Panel 1975-78 (280Z)


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This is a radio delete for the Datsun 280Z dash that is CNC cut from 1/8" aluminum. It easily mounts to the factory locations and replaces the area where the stereo and lower switches are located. If you are wanting to put in aftermarket heater/defroster then we have an option for that too. We have made an option that allows you to mount the controls from a Vintage Air unit right into this radio delete plate. We do not sell the heater.  If you opt for the blank version this plate allows you to drill holes and utilize that area for gauges and switches. Due to the angle of the center console we advise unscrewing the center console (plastic that goes around the shifter and has the armrest) and installing the radio delete plate. Then angle the center console under the radio delete to re-install it. This is a blank plate that allows you to drill your own holes for your particular setup. We will be adding a few options with certain hole patterns cutout in the plate once we determine which will be the most popular. Please email us to give feedback on the hole cutouts you would like to see. *Many of our products are in-stock. However, because all of our products are custom fabricated, they may not be immediately available. Products that are not currently stocked may take 3-4 weeks from when your order is placed to when they're available for shipping.*