Louvered 280Z Hood Vents


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Replace your worn out, faded, and cracked plastic OEM hood vents with these replacement hood vents for the Datsun 280Z. Improve the look and airflow over standard venting... "Based on the Bernoulli principle, the air flow over the top of the louvers will create a vacuum and pull the air out from under the hood. With the opening facing rearwards the air passing over the first one will suck air out through it, that air will be forced over the next louvre sucking air out through that, and so on." They are .063" aluminum and are CNC cut with 9 louvers in each vent. Installation templates and hardware are included. Price is for a pair. Installation video shows vents with 6 lovers but what you are buying will have 9 louvers in each vent as pictured above. **Item may take 3 to 4 weeks to ship depending on availability**     [embed]https://youtu.be/2MWvtCxLQ20[/embed]