Bumper Conversion Brackets 1974-78 (260Z / 280Z)


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CNC cut and formed front and rear bumper brackets for the 260Z and 280Z to convert to 240Z bumpers. Many 260Z and 280Z owners don’t like the looks of the bulky OEM bumpers and elect to install 240Z bumpers in their place.

What makes these brackets different than other brackets that are available is the adjustability of them. This allows you to better fine tune the placement of the bumpers to get the fit and look that you desire. In addition, the front brackets allow you to install a 240Z front bumper with Skillard's front grille with turn signal delete. Also, unlike other options these are made from stout 3/16″ thick material and will come powder coated black. Bracket hardware is included. Front is sold as a pair, rear is sold as a pair and if you select front and rear you will receive 2 front and 2 rear brackets. Bumpers not included.

The Early ’74 260Z option helps to align the bumper mounting to match the indentations in the rear fenders. If there are no indentations in the fenders, you likely need the Late ’74 option. Contact us via email at info@datsun-garage.com with specific fit questions.

NOTE for 2+2: The rear brackets *are not* compatible with the 260Z 2+2 or the 280Z 2+2

*You will still need to mount the ends of the bumpers to the fenders and that is not included with this bracket system.

**You are responsible for your own safety and DOT regulations in your area. We make no claims to this being any sort of safety device. It is intended for cosmetic use.

***We keep some Skillard products in-stock.  However, because all Skillard products are custom fabricated, they may not be immediately available. If you want to know the availability of this item, please email us at info@datsun-garage.com