Reproduction Door Panel Set 4 Door and Wagon 1968-73 (510)


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These reproduction interior door panels are made with the 71-73 pattern. They can be used on earlier vehicles, but will not match the 68-70 embossing pattern. The surface vinyl with a foam backer pad is thermally embossed onto a hard board door card. Panels are sold as 4 piece set
The vinyl is wrapped around the edges and glued to the rear of the door card in the same manner as on a factory panel. Openings, holes and metal reinforcements are provided for installation of your factory handles, clips and accessories (not included).
*Fitment Note: The rear door panels are for the wagon, but can be used on a 4d sedan if the door handle is relocated to the higher wagon location. No additional parts are needed for the relocation. The rear door panels have the opening for the door latch handle positioned for use on wagons. The panels can be used on a 4d sedan, but the lever must be relocated to the higher wagon position on the door. The inner door structure is prepared to accept either handle location; it is just a matter of relocating it on a 4 door sedan to the higher wagon position to work with these panels.