Remanufactured Starter 1978-83 (280Z / 280ZX) 1977-79 (620) 1980 (720)

Pure Energy

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Starter with Gear Reduction

No core required!

Pure Energy Premium starters are remanufactured to exacting OE specifications or better for maximum performance. They undergo rigorous manufacturing and testing processes to deliver unsurpassed reliability with every turn of the key. Their processes incorporate Durability Testing, Root Cause Analysis and Lean Manufacturing principles - all done in ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturing facilities.

Remanufacturing Process:

  1. Solenoid contacts are subject to wear and arcing erosion, reducing conductivity and service life. Pure Energy solenoid contacts are 100% new to ensure clean, consistent contact and high conductivity for strong cranking every time.
  2. Worn brushes are the # 1 cause of starter failures. Pure Energy brushes are 100% new, quality and durability tested for unmatched performance and reliability.
  3. Armatures and commutators are precision machined and electronically tested for consistent starting performance.
  4. Starter drive clutches are fully dismantled, remanufactured, then sealed with aerospace quality grease to ensure maximum performance and durability.
  5. Starters use 100% new bronze-sintered bushings for maximum performance and wear resistance.
Call Pure Energy Before You Return

Pure Energy offers free technical support 7 days a week from ASE certified technicians. Before setting up a return, please call 1-888-933-9065 to troubleshoot your issues. Misdiagnosis is common on Alternators and Starters, and the technicians will help you determine if your part is the problem.