43 Piece Premium Weather Seal Set SMOOTH 1970-73 (510) Wagon Only


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Items included in Kit:


 Door Seal (2 Pair)

Front Windshield Seal Smooth (1)

Wagon Tail Light Gasket (4)

Side Marker Light (4)

Eyebrow Edge Seal (1)

Outer Window Squeegee w/ Dispenser & 40 Clips (2)

Clip Dispenser W/ 40 Clips (1)

Inner Window Squeegee (2)

Cowl/ Hood Seal  (1)

Hood Bump Stop Rubber (4)

Wagon Rear Door Quarter Glass Seal (1 Pair)

Wagon Rear Hatch Big Inner Seal (1)

Window Channel Felt (2 Pair)

Wagon Rear Cargo Side Glass Sea (1 Pair)

Wagon Rear Hatch SMOOTH (1)

Wagon Rear Hatch Small Outer Seal (1)

Wagon License Plate Light Housing Seal (1 pair)

Wagon Fuel Filler Neck Gasket (1)

Front and Rear Bumper Over Rider Rubber (2 Pairs)

Door Edge Trim With Texture Front (1 Pair)

Door Edge Trim With Texture Rear (1 Pair)

Wiper Pivot Boot (1 Pair)

Front Turn Signal Lens Seal (1 Pair)

Rear Door Bump Stop (2)

Lock Cylinder Rubber Seal (2)

Door Handle Rubber (2 Pair)