Fuel Injection System Wire Plug 1975-83 (280Z / 280ZX)

Datsun Garage

Bosch type wire connectors fit the 1975-83 280Z/280ZX fuel injectors, as well as other 2-pole, Bosch-type connectors mentioned below.

One required per injector.  Sold individually.

  • 1975-83 280Z/280ZX Fuel Injectors
  • 1975-83 280Z/280ZX Thermo Time Switch
  • 1975-83 280Z/280ZX Water Temperature Sensor
  • 1975-79 280Z/280ZX Water Temperature Senor
  • 1975-83 280Z/280ZX Air Regulator
  • 1980-83 280ZX Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor

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