Front Lip Splitter for Aftermarket Air Dam 1979-83 (280ZX)


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These Front Lip Splitters are CNC-cut from 1/8″ thick aluminum and are designed to fit many of the common aftermarket 280ZX front air dams.

A front lip splitter helps reduce lift on the front end of a vehicle and can provide an extra layer of protection for your air dam.

Installation hardware and turnbuckles are included, however you will also need splitter support rods that will visibly mount outside of the air dam. You will need to determine where you would like to mount them, take measurements, and order the correct length for your desired mounting location. We have several sizes (sold as a pair of 2) of high quality, visibly attractive splitter support rods available that you can select in the dropdown menu. You can also select “no support rods,” but you will need to source your own to support the leading edge of the splitter.

NOTE: Please refer to the product specs for the 2-inch and/or 4-inch splitter (see product photos).

*Installation will vary slightly on different cars/air dams. Please watch the installation video before you order to ensure this product will work for your application.

**There are many different aftermarket air dams and we have tried to make a splitter that works with many of them. That being said, YOU are responsible to ensure the size and fitment BEFORE you order. We have included measurements in the product images of the splitters so that you can determine if the splitter will fit your particular air dam. If you have questions, please ask them BEFORE you order. Skillard takes quality and customer service very seriously. With that being said, we need you to check measurements before you order as we will not accept returns on this item if the shape and size of the splitter doesn’t fit your specific air dam the way you would like.