Fabulous 1970 George Bartell Poster 36" X 19.5"


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It's well known that George Bartell (1933-2013) was an amazing artist, but still one can't help but look at this poster in detail and shake their head in wonder as to how anyone can create such a masterpiece. When Peter Brock commissioned Bartell in 1970 to create a poster celebrating the BRE Datsun 240Zs first championship win, Bartell grabbed a piece of aircraft metal (rivots and all) and went to work. The result is this unique poster that celebrates the Championship BRE 240Z win 40 years ago, John Morton the driver, Peter Brock the team owner and manager and all the car's sponsors in decal form. Layer upon layer, Bartell puts it down on metal, perfectly. This poster was originally printed in 1970 and we opened up BRE's trunk of original posters to create this perfect reproduction, at a slightly larger size.