Evolved Rear Coilover Conversion 1970-73 (240Z)

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The wait for fully fabricated S30 suspension is finally over! Introducing our new Evolved Rear Coilovers for the 240Z! This Coilover Conversion includes fully fabricated OEM style strut casings that may be built to each customers specific need! Their new spindles are fully machined from chromoly steel for extra strenth and rigidity. Each unit is powdercoated in a brilliant gunmetal grey and built with adjustable Koni short stroke dampers. We can also offer full stroke builds using Bilstien sport dampers. Our coilovers are built in house on a custom-order basis. HyperCo springs are included with each build, we also offer Swift Springs as an upgrade, in any rate of your choice!
Below are the popular spring rate choices for the S30 Z car but custom spring rates are always an option! Just select custom rate from the drop down and we'll be in contact shortly after your order is placed!
  • 3KG(front)/4KG(rear) for cruising/spirited driving
  • 4KG/5KG for a firm ride/light track use 
  • 5KG/6KG for track use with sticky tires
Depending on current demand, fabrication time may be 4-8 weeks.