Clutch Release Bearing 1970-83 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z / 280ZX) Non-Turbo 1978-81 (510) 1975-79 (620)


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The Clutch Release Bearing (also called a Throw Out Bearing) is possibly the most important part of the clutch system. When the Clutch Pedal is depressed, the bearing is pushed against the pressure plate's springs in order to disengage the clutch disc, which in turn stops turning the transmission's input shaft (and removes power from the wheels as a result). A bearing that is going bad may cause some noise when the clutch pedal is depressed; however, a complete failure of the bearing can cause damage to the pressure plate springs, disc, and more. It is always best to replace the Release Bearing with every clutch replacement in order to avoid bearing failure.