Centered Type Camber Kit 510 (1968-73)

DP Racing

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Kit contains (2) mounting plates, (2) sliders with 5/8 spherical bearings, (2) spring perches, (1) needle bearing kit and mounting hardware. The kits are made from black anodized aluminum. To use the spherical bearing, it may be necessary for you to turn down the shock shaft where it goes through the bearing in the slider. These Tilton style camber plates are 6" in diameter and have a three (3) hole bolt pattern. It has a 5/8" bearing in the slider. The slots are centered and minimal cutting is required. To achieve maximum negative camber, you must cut out the raised portion located at the top of the strut tower. Using these plates you can obtain approx. 3° negative camber. These camber plates are designed for street use and do not add any additional castor. Also fits 610, 710, 200SX, and any car with a 6" diameter strut tower. They can also be cut if necessary to fit odd tower shapes. **Coil springs are NOT included**