BRE Datsun 510 Trans-Am Poster 24" X 36"


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This 1971 poster declares the news that "The DATSUN 510 sedan adds the challenge in the 2.5 series Trans-Am." This bright and large poster conveys the look of the era. The front two leading cars are the #46 BRE 510 of John Morton and the BRE #19 guest car. Following closely behind are those pesky alfas, followed by a Ford Pinto (yes they really raced in the Trans-Am series). In preparation of the Mitty event in April 2010 where BRE will be the featured team, we pulled this original 1970 poster out of our trunks and made these high quality reproductions. Special Edition: As BRE, you know we like to create special offers for you. It's just turned out that we've had more BRE240Z products we could offer special editions of. Now with this BRE 510 Trans-Am poster, we're able to give 510 fans your own special offer. We have taken 46 of these posters, numbered them (e.g. 01/46) and had them signed by Peter Brock and John Morton. On the back of the poster is a small label certifying the poster is one of these 46 special edition posters. When you add the poster to your shopping cart it will ask if you would like the special edition for $59.95. Enjoy!