Aluminum Hood Vents 1979-83 (280ZX)


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Compatible with 280ZX 2-seater and 280ZX 2+2!

Replace your worn out, faded and cracked plastic OEM hood vents with these aluminum louvered hood vents for the Datsun 280ZX.
Sold as a set of two (2), Skillard's 280ZX hood vents improve the look and airflow over standard venting.

There are two styles:

One style fits the 280ZX Turbo hood (they are larger than the NA version and the driver’s side is elongated to fit the OEM cutouts in the hood).
The other style is for the 280ZX Non-Turbo hood (they are smaller than the Turbo version).
Machined button head stainless mounting screws are included. Please see our installation video for details.
The SET OF 2 hood vents will arrive to you flat, and are designed to have the louvers hand-formed out by you, the customer. This will allow you to fine tune the angle that you would like for your setup.
Because of the design, hand-forming the louvers is extremely easy and leaves them securely angled in your desired position. You legitimately just use your hands. However, when hand forming louvers, do not bend them back and forth, back and forth and back and forth. You will eventually crack the aluminum if you do so. Instead, form them once to your desired position and fine tune as needed.