Aluminum Heel Plates 1979-83 (280ZX) LHD Only


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Color: Raw Aluminum

These are aluminum heel plates for your S130 Z car. CNC cut and formed, as well as having embossed holes for additional strength.

These are a little different in that they are attached by a hinge in the front and a quick-release latch in the rear. By doing this, it makes cleaning a breeze and if you drop something through the holes you’re not unbolting everything to retrieve it.

You can attach the included latch on the right or left side of the heel plate and an included plug goes in the other hole. In addition to easy access, the way these mount gives you the option to adjust the height of the heel plate during install to achieve the best driving feel for you (see installation video below). Please note that the video included below is for the S30 model, so there are some minor installation variances.

Also included are adjustable rubber bumpers for added rigidity and sound dampening for a “gutted” interior. Heel plates work to reduce heat to your feet for cars that don’t have heat shielding on the floor, or can be installed in place of floor mats because you like the durability and the way they look.

Currently only available for left-hand drive.

NOTE: provided rivnuts are size M4, M5, and M6. Please See rivnut video below if you are unsure as to what they are or how they install.

Different from the S30 installation video below, these come with M5 rivnuts for the quick latch and M6 rivnuts for the rubber bumpers if you choose to use them.