Aluminum Door Sills 1979-83 (280ZX) Coupe Only


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These S130 door thresholds are made from .063″ lightweight aluminum and are CNC cut. They are much more durable than the OEM plastic pieces which are old and brittle.

These will come with new stainless steel mounting screws and you shouldn’t need to drill holes but in these old cars there can be variances. If you do need to drill holes an 1/8″ drill bit should work nicely. Once installed the lettering will show through as the color of your car, if you want it to be a different color to show through, a piece of colored vinyl under the thresholds is a great option. Another fun option is to install electroluminescent tape under the threshold and wire it to your door light so that the lettering will light up when you open your door.

Please note, the raw aluminum version is just that – raw aluminum. They may have scuffs, sanding marks, or even a fully sanded finish.

*For the 2-seater, NOT for the 2+2.