Aluminum Center Console 1971-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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All-aluminum center console for the 240Z, 260Z & 280Z. Tired of cracked and broken center consoles? Now you can have an aluminum replacement that also allows you the flexibility to drill and securely mount switches, gauges, brake bias, etc.

This also comes with a shift boot bezel that allows you to pinch the base of the shift boot between the bezel and the console. With this, you can now use a wide variety of universal aftermarket shift boots (many of which are very inexpensive). New mounting hardware is included. The 280Z version is made to adapt to our 280Z Radio Delete Plate, so if you already have one then great! If not, we recommend that you also order the Radio Delete to get a cleaner integration. The 240Z Version will work with our 240Z Dash Plate as well as the factory plastic plate/bezel.

*When selecting the correct center console for the 260Z, you will need to determine if your dash/center console is setup like the 240Z or 280Z and select accordingly. Most often the 260Z will use the 280Z center console. If you are unsure, feel free to send us an email with a picture of your setup and we are happy to help.

*You may notice that there is not an option for the 1970 and early 1971 240Z. This is because the mounting holes are in a different location, the size and shape of the console is the same so you can install our consoles in your early 240Z. You will just need to drill a few mounting holes in the transmission tunnel that line up with the mounting holes on the center console and install rivnuts or nuts (not included) to secure it.

*We are seeing lots of swapped S30’s and we want to note that the 240Z Center Console does not have the slot for the choke, but since it is aluminum you can add one easily with a drill and Dremel.