Alternator 1978-79 (620) 1980 (720)

Wai Global

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No core required!

Can replace Mistubishi IR/EF, 35A or                                                                                    Hitachi IR/EF, 35A

Features & Benefits:

  • Protection from excessive charging or failure due to shorts in your car's wiring that can cause spikes or open circuits
  • Consistent performance from manufacturing processes that exceed your vehicle's original specifications for wiring, bearings and components helping to resist heat and moisture
  • Longer life of the alternator through the use of premium brushes and other critical components that resist failure or poor performance
  • WAI units incorporate many features to optimize wear resistance and deliver consistent electric current, including OEM-Type Diodes on rectifier assemblies, welded diode to rectifier lead frame assembly, advanced components for the voltage regulators to decrease power/heat dissipation