Air-to-Water Intercooler Kit 2023 (Nissan Z)


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Mishimoto 2023+ Nissan Z Air-to-Water Intercooler Kit

After much anticipation, the 2023+ Nissan Z is finally here! The latest Z boasts a VR30DDTT twin-turbocharged 3.0L engine that's shared with the Infiniti Q50/Q60. Off the lot, the VR30 produces up to an impressive 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Its two air-to-water intercoolers work well enough to keep the stock V6 cool, but they weren’t designed to keep up with increasing power levels from various performance upgrades and tunes. Having previously worked with the VR30 while developing our Infiniti Q50/Q60 intercoolers, the engineers at Mishimoto used this design as the foundation to perfect the Mishimoto 2023+ Nissan Z Air-to-Water Intercooler Kit.----This kit features a pair of robust bar-and-plate intercoolers that boast a 49.8-percent increase in core volume over the stock intercoolers, resulting in superior durability and heat soak resistance. The intercoolers are also 51-percent less restrictive than stock and allow your turbos to work more efficiently. With dyno-proven charge air temperatures up to 23-degrees cooler than stock, we were able to produce power gains of up to 8 HP and 12 lb.-ft of torque without a retune.----An increase in power requires superior durability to match, so we crafted our intercoolers with cast aluminum end tanks, eradicating potential leak points and stress concentrations that welded tanks may face. In addition, the included ancillary hoses and couplers ensure coolant and air flow reliably through the intercoolers. No cutting or modifications are necessary for installation and, as with all Mishimoto products, this air-to-water intercooler kit for the 2023+ Nissan Z is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.