Meeting Jun was actually a funny perfect mis-hap.  While thumbing through IG I accidentally jumped into Jun's live story and he was selling a custom Hot Wheels card that I had to have.  After making a deal with Jun I asked if Datsun Garage could help out with any of his builds.  After a short discussion we linked up and the rest is history...

Thank you Jun for the opportunity to partner up on multiple levels.  Whether it be helping you out with builds or you helping us out with marketing and diecast.  Thank you Diecast Sensei!

Want to build like Jun?  Build it with parts from Datsun Garage.  We helped him out with:

Jun also helped create our full weatherstrip kit for the Datsun 510 Wagon found here:
If you're looking for any Kaido House diecast for your collection, check it out here:  Kaido House Diecast

Thank you Jun for the opportunity and experience of a lifetime.  We truly appreciate everything you've done to help keep Datsuns alive and beautiful. We wish you nothing but blessings in life and your future builds.  We hope to be apart of any future Datsun build.

Follow Jun on Instagram:  @kaidohouse | @kaidohousegarage