RVL Touring Sport Coilovers (2023)


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The REVEL Touring Sports Damper Coilover System for the 2023 Nissan Z is the perfect upgrade. A 32-way adjustability design provides a comfortable ride at a low height and utilizes the perfect balance of dampening forces and spring rates to deliver smooth performance when needed. The pillow ball upper mounts enhance driving feedback, while the adjustable camber plates improve tire traction, increasing cornering performance. REVEL's larger piston valves allow increased oil capacity, ensuring efficient dampening across a wide range of temperatures. The REVEL Touring Sports Damper Coilover System is a comprehensive solution for optimal comfort and performance in the 2023 Nissan Z.

Tanabe USA is proud to introduce the new brand Revel USA to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive market. Backed by over 30 years of experience with product development, the goal is to offer quality automotive parts focusing on long-lasting performance while maintaining proper aesthetics. By never compromising on quality, performance potential is unlimited.


  • 32-way adjustability
  • Pillowball upper mount with a radial bearing
  • Larger piston valves and oil capacity
  • Spring rate front: 14K
  • Spring rate rear: 8K