Weatherstrip Kit 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z) Coupe Only


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If there is one fact that anyone trying to restore an older car can tell you, it is that rubber goes bad. Regardless of whether it is the bushings in the suspension, trim on the bumper, or the weatherstrips that keep water and fumes out, if it is not taken care of it will dry out and rot. If you notice water on your shoulder while driving on a rainy day, extra wind noise on the highway, or a strong exhaust smell inside the cab (especially with the windows rolled down), it is time to take a look at the various seals around your car. On cars as old as the Z, it is a good idea to simply replace all of the body weatherstrips when you start seeing the signs of bad seals. In most cases, the seals that you know are bad are a good indication of the condition of the rest. This exclusive kit includes all of the seals that would allow water and wind noise inside your car and most of the seals that can allow exhaust fumes inside as well.

WCR 241          WEATHERSTRIP,WINDSHIELD                1 EA

66321 E4100    COWL PANEL WEATHERSTRIP               1 EA

76801 N4600     WEATHERSTRIP, FRONT DOOR, RH     1 EA

76802 N4600     WEATHERSTRIP, FRONT DOOR, LH      1 EA

76834 E4101     WEATHERSTRIP, QTR WINDOW             2 EA

76836 E8200     WEATHERSTRIP, QTR WINDOW             2 EA

76910 N3000     WEATHERSTRIP, HATCH OUTER           1 EA

76911 N3000     WEATHERSTRIP, HATCH OUTER           2 EA

76912 N4500     WEATHERSTRIP HATCH INNER             1 EA

80810 N4520     WEATHERSTRIP, FRONT DOOR             1 EA

80811 N4520     WEATHERSTRIP, FRONT DOOR             1 EA

80931 N4501     DOOR TO FENDER SEAL, RH                 1 EA

80935 N4501     DOOR TO FENDER SEAL, LH                  1 EA

80935 E4101     WEATHERSTRIP LOWER DR RH/LH       2 EA

90305 E4100     WEATHERSTRIP, REAR WINDOW           1 EA