280Z (S30)

Making It Road Worthy

This 1977 280z is an unrestored numbers matching original car. It is currently being restored in stages. Right now I am working my way through the first stage of the process: making it road worthy. read more


A photo my friend took of my 280z while I was at work read more

1975 280Z

Hey guys, just found out about this on Instagram. Here’s my 1975 280Z that my dad got brand new when he was in college. I currently drive a Tacoma while my Z is in my Grandma’s garage waiting for the time when I can bring it to wherever I am. read more


Datty getting some love.  She’s work in progress but a beauty nonetheless! read more

The flash

All love ❤ I remember when it was just parts and nonworking conditions. My ride or die best friend. read more

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