Windshield Washer Tank and Motor 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)

Banzai Motorworks

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This is a great reproduction of the 240Z Washer Tank, which includes a new motor. The tank has the proper "wedge" mount for 70-78, includes the reproduction washer tank decal, and the rubber mounting for the motor. The Motor (included) has the proper 240Z connectors (74-78 owners see note below). 

*74-78 Notes:
The 240Z Tank is approximately 4 inches wide, which is slightly less wide than later models. For the included 240Z Motor to connect to your 260Z or 280Z wiring harness, you will need to change the wire leads on the harness side. Just in case you don't have the proper connectors handy, we put together a kit for your convenience. It includes the proper male and female crimp & solder connectors, insulator cuffs, and basic instructions.