Twice Pipes Exhaust For Stock Exhaust Manifold 1975-78 (280Z) Federal Only


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Twice Pipes were the first successful aftermarket exhaust system for the 240Z. This system features a 2 1/2" inlet that splits into twin pipes measuring a little under 1 3/4" (from the head pipe back) that terminate with two glass-pack mufflers and a pair of 2 1/2" diameter chrome tips. The kit requires no welding, and includes all parts necessary for installation. If you're looking for more power, or doing an original "performance restoration", this is the system you want. If you are not familiar with a "glass-pack" muffler, the performance "staple" of the 70's, they are very free flowing, and as such will significantly increase sound levels. Please keep this in mind when choosing the best system for your Z. Image Note: The system for use with our headers is shown here. The system "for stock exhaust" includes a new headpipe to attach to the stock exhaust manifold. Note: All performance exhaust systems, no matter the manufacturer or type, will be louder than the stock exhaust system. This is an unavoidable consequence of reducing back pressure and therefore increasing performance. This is especially true upon acceleration when exhaust pressures are at their highest. Twice Pipe exhaust systems, utilizing dual glass-pack mufflers, are no exception to this. While not obnoxious or "loud for the sake of being loud", this exhaust kit is noticeably louder than our kits that use a "Turbo" muffler. It will be significantly louder under heavy acceleration, especially when connected to a header as opposed to the stock exhaust manifold, but it still provides a bearable tone and volume during normal operation. Special Note: *For Federal emissions models only. This system can be used on 280Z off road vehicles where the catalytic converter will no longer be required. Model Note: This twice-pipe system was designed for Coupes. It can be fitted to a 2+2, but would require extra piping to be purchased at an experienced muffler shop to lengthen the system enough, and installed in the proper place, for the longer 2+2 model.