The "Original" BRE Rear Spoiler 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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You've been asking for them and now they're available... our original BRE Datsun body parts as run on our Championship racers AND amazingly, made by the same company that made them for us originally in the '70s! The rear spoiler featured on this BRE 240Z (highlighted in yellow above) is a direct copy of the rear spoiler BRE ran on their 1970-71 Championship 240Z racers and is designed to balance the effects of the front BRE air dam. It'll fit 1970-1973 240Zs. It's common for us to get calls asking if this spoiler is just like the original as the person sees a spoiler some other company is selling called a "BRE style" spoiler but it doesn't have the vertical ribs our spoilers had and they just have two mounting points. So let us be clear... WE ARE BRE. This is exactly the same spoiler we used on our race cars. It has the vertical ribs. It has SIX mounting points--3 bolts on each side are molded into the spoiler itself. The piece comes with a washer and nut on each bolt which you unscrew and use to mount the spoiler on your car. It's the original, but of course we had to also provide you the option of the latest in technology. In addition to the original fiberglass body parts, we now offer them in carbon fiber* *The carbon fiber version has only two mounting points, not the six that are on the original BRE rear spoilers. These are a special order; please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for availability. NOTE: These are quality BRE parts, however, they are as they come out of the mold and as with any fiberglass part require preparing (example: sanding) for paint.