Stock Replacement Aluminum Radiator 1970-8/74 (240Z / 260Z)

Champion Cooling

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This radiator is a 2-row design that is a great upgrade from the stock radiator, at less cost than many non-aluminum replacement radiators. In addition to better cooling performance with the 3/4" tubes that are 1 3/4" deep (that can handle up to 400hp), the radiator also weighs 10.9 lbs, over 13 lbs less than the stock radiator (24 lbs.) Our stock replacement aluminum radiators are designed to work on both automatic and manual transmission models. The transmission cooler fittings, which are covered by blue caps in the picture above, do not need to be plugged or capped on manual models as coolant does not flow through these. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is the fluid that flows through the lower cooler on auto trans. models.