Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit 1970-78 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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Designed to fit with all three Zstory exhaust manifolds*, the line is made from 201 (austenitic) 1.25mm stainless-steel for its own protection and longevity, has a diameter of 63mm (2.5’’) and is composed of three parts (excluding the rear silencer/muffler).

Fitting to the manifold’s* Y-pipe collector is the centre silencer connecting to a short intermediate pipe fitting through the inverted ‘U’ in the differentiel front support before the ‘S’ pipe which passes around the rear of the differentiel and into the rear silencer/muffler.

Zstory kits are designed to fit no lower than the floor reinforcement rails and both 2x seater and 2+2 Zs.

Along the transmission tunnel, the line uses V-band clamp fittings for leak-free and quick/simple mounting/disassembly and at the ‘S’-pipe, a T-bolt clamp to allow the maximum adjustment flexibility.

The line is supplied with all necessary fittings ; clamps, straps, gaskets and nuts/bolts (where applicable) and Zstory holds stocks of fittings, gaskets or pipework in case of later street/road /competition damage or loss.

Depending upon its design and purpose, any exhaust system compromises something to give something else – no exhaust is ideal for all applications and at different engine speeds, different sized exhaust tubes are better than others… !

Two, small diameter pipes such as found on the S20 engine applications are best suited to a small capacity, high-revving engine to help generate low-end torque without penalising top-end power.

Engines with larger capacities have less need of extra low-down torque and strokers almost none, having ample quantities merely from their larger size.

This does NOT include a muffler.  Please choose your muffler HERE.