4.5" Gauge Mounting Bracket (240Z / 280Z)


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This is a mounting bracket that is CNC cut from 1/8″ aluminum for the 4.5″ Speedhut gauges that are a popular upgrade for the S30. The 4.5″ gauges will go where the stock Speedometer and Tachometer are located. These brackets will simplify the installation process while cleanly securing your new gauges. They are sold as a pair This will eliminate cutting up your OEM housings or gluing in your new gauges. These will work on the 280Z and now will fit the 240Z with an additional mounting bracket that is included when you select the 240Z option. See below for our installation tutorial.

*Note for the 240Z brackets. The OEM housing on the 240Z is smaller than the 280Z housing giving the brackets less plastic to bite to. Because of this you made need to remove the beauty ring/bezel from the front of the gauge before installing. Also different from the 240Z video is the horizontal bracket. It now comes as 2 separate brackets creating a space in the center but still installs in the same manner. The space is for clearance when reinstalling the dash.

Gauges are not included. 
Updated design and original design pictured, you will receive the updated design.