Side Marker Conversion Plugs 1970-73 (240Z)


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Modernize your 240Z with the safety and visibility improvement of having your front Marker lights blink along with your front turn signals. These custom made adapter kits require no modifications or changes to the factory wiring. They are completely plug-in, simple, affordable, and 100% reversible. You can transfer them from one 240Z to another and not affect the original wiring. Having the front markers flash along with the turn signals significantly increases the visibility of your 240Z when you signal a turn to other vehicles. Even though the turn signals on a 240Z are visible to some extent on the side of the car, they are very low, and often out of the line of sight of many other vehicles on the road, especially taller vehicles, and those in your blind spots. The flashing side marker lights increase visibility drastically to all vehicles on the road. This complete left and right kit consists of two conversion plugs, and a single wire each with a female bullet connector for the original side marker light wires (located near each parking light plug). Complete instructions included. Sold as a pair. Restrictions: For 240Z only. For incandescent bulbs only, will not work with kits (like our previously available clear markers, part #33-1114) that utilize LED bulbs. Sidemarker housings must be properly insulated from the fender (Side marker lens gaskets (rubber), like our 34-2230 & 34-2231 shown below, must be intact and insulating the marker assembly from the body). Finally, the lighting system (especially the ground connections in the front of the car) must be in good condition and properly working.