Parking Light Upgrade Harness 1973-1977 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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Finally, a fix for the universally dim parking lights (tail lights, side marker lights, and front parking lights), as well as the dashboard lighting, on early Datsun Z's, while drastically reducing one of the main causes of failure by decreasing amperage in the system. This Parking Light Upgrade Harness uses high-quality modern wiring and relays to increase the power available to the lighting, and reduce the amperage that normally flows through the fusebox and combo switch by over 98%! Since the original system did not have a relay, the large amount of extra resistance translates into heat which can melt fuses, overheat wires, and destroy the contacts in the switch. During testing on a side marker light, the voltage to the light before using the kit was approximately 9.5 volts. With the upgrade harness installed, the voltage increased to 11.2 volts, causing a significant brightening of the dash and parking lights. Requires no cutting, drilling, or damage to the existing system. Includes complete instructions. *240Z Restrictions: For the 240Z, this harness is only for a 1973 with a 9 pin connector on the headlight switch harness (should be with a manufacturing date of 3/73 or later that ALSO has intermittent wipers, but please physically check your harness prior to ordering). For a 1973 240Z with a 6 pin connector, as well as all 70-72 240Z's. *260Z-280Z Restrictions: For 260Z & 280Z, this harness should fit all from 74-76 with no restrictions (assuming your switch and harness are original). In early 1977, Nissan changed the 280Z headlight switch harness to a 10 pin connector. If your early 1977 280Z has the 9 pinconnector, then this harness will work properly. Please physically inspect your harness before ordering. At this time there is no harness available for later 1977 or 1978 280Z's which will have the 10 pin connectors.