OEM Rear Drum Brake Hardware Kit 1970-76 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)


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This OEM Factory hardware kit covers all of the important springs and retainers that allow your rear drum brakes to operate properly. With worn or weak hardware, your brakes can lose effectiveness or even fail. The Return Springs pull the Brake Shoes away from the drum when the Wheel Cylinder is not applying pressure. The Anti-Rattle Springs hold the shoes steady inside of the assembly and are secured with retainers and pins. One kit covers both sides. Kit Includes:
  • (4) 44082-U9200 Inner Anti Rattle Spring Retainer
  • (4) 44084-U9200 Outer Anti Rattle Spring Retainer
  • (4) 44081-73000 Anti Rattle Spring Retainer Pin
  • (4) 44083-21010 Anti Rattle Spring
  • (2) 44090-E4100 Upper Return Spring
  • (2) 44091-21010 Lower Return Spring